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Asian Wedding Photographer Oldham

Asian Wedding Photography in Oldham. Anayah Khan Photography leading photographer specialist in wedding Photography and Cinematic Films. With over 10 years experience in the field, the team are fully equipped for all wedding events.

Weddings are full of emotions, laugher and can be the most joyous occasions.Throughout the event the team of photographers will be working very hard to ensure the event is captured smoothly and flawlessly. Asian Wedding Photographer Oldham

Of course, there will be a unique cinematic style effect to the video and candid natural shots.

Asian Weddings are spread across a number of days with multiple celebrations, and all of the traditions "rasms" will be captured

The wedding season can be rather busy in Oldham, so its always best to book in advance however last minute bookings can be organised.

Female Photographers are available within the team.

Female Photographer & Videographer in Oldham.

Also, all surrounding areas are covered including; wedding photography Manchester, Asian wedding photography Bradford, Somali wedding photography Manchester, Pakistani wedding Photography Oldham.

Capturing the event is just the start of what Anayah Khan Photography can offer. Album printing is also included, with photo editing. Offering the finest bespoke wedding albums available.

Video films are always edited to the highest standards, this includes editing the exposure, colour correction and audio correction. On the event if you have planned a speech, we can connect you guest that is presenting to our state of the art microphone systems. Customers can select the music choice for the film so it is fully tailored to your needs.

What are cinematic films? Well, cinematic films are films that are recorded on a multi cam system, and edited on a linear timeline to show the story from different angles / shots. It also includes the control of the camera movement, this would include capturing on special equipment including cranes, gimbal , drones and some handheld shots for the candid effect. Anayah Khan Photography have packages in cinematography.

All packages are bespoke, meaning, they are all based on your requirements. The best part is, you are given a consultation meeting and your reequipments for your wedding day can definitely be fulfilled!

Customer satisfaction is always at the heart of all wedding bookings! You can see the excellent reviews on google!

The business started in Bradford West Yorkshire, over the years Anayah Khan Photography has rapidly expanded and managed to secure wedding events throughout United Kingdom.

Anayah Khan Photography is also experienced in Arab weddings, Somali weddings, Iran Weddings, Iraqi Weddings, Afgan Weddings, Pakistani weddings, Indian Weddings and Sikh Wedding Photography and Videography


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